Monday, September 1, 2008


I am creating this Blog primarily for myself, to examine my view of God and religion. If anyone else finds it useful in their search for a higher truth, I'm glad it could help. If anyone cares to engage in a discussion about these issues, I welcome the conversation.

I am not a minister or religious leader of any sort. I am in my 40's, married with two children, and live a middle class life. I was raised Catholic but have been attending a nondemoninational protestent Church for the past few years. I have studied my own and other religions in high school and college (although it was not my major) and have done extensive reading of many religious writings by historical figures. My focus has been on Christianity, but I have read the texts from many other major religions as well. I have also read many texts critical of religion.

Although I come from a Christian background and am drawn in that direction, I cannot say I accept without reservation all of the principles that underpin Christianity. I don't know if my doubts raise to agnoticism, but I'm probably at least close to that. Still I feel drawn to a faith in God as I see what it has done for many other people. I would like to feel that sort of a relationship with God, but I am not there.

I guess I accept that there is some all powerful force that controls the universe. Its power and intelligence is beyond our comprehension, but I cannot accept the athiest view that all existence comes from random occurences. What I hope to do is add thoughts from time to time on how my search for the truth of God is going. I will discuss other views that appeal to me or which I find objecitonable.

We shall see if this leads anywhere.